Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What is Restorative Performance Therapy

Restorative Performance Therapy(RPT) is an incredible blend of hands on techniques in combination with a powerful series of stretching movements created to release, lengthen and restore body alignment by positively affecting the fascial web (connective tissue) that plays a critical role in supporting our bodies. The fascial web, I believe is the most overlooked system in the human body by medical doctors when dealing with chronic pain.

This work (RPT) addresses the fascial restrictions while re-educating the body's neuromuscular patterns. The work is a blend of many modalities specifically designed to rid the body of these restrictions. It addresses the entire body to help soften, lengthen and re-align the body. Because of the interconnectedness, releasing tension is one area of the fascial system will have a positive effect on other parts of the body as well. We call this compensation in the body, when other areas support the area of restriction, in order for the body to continue to perform.

Restorative Performance Therapy (RPT) confirms the idea that physical injury, trauma, postural distortion, illness and emotional stress can effect the body's alignment, causing the fascial system to become contracted and painful.

The RPT techniques assist to release the constrictions by relieving pressure on the musculosketal, nervous and circulatory systems thus resulting in relieving pain and restoring balance throughout the body. This also allows the body's own natural healing process to kick in and assist in restoring and improving functional movments used in daily and sports related performance. To experience Restorative Performance Therapy first hand contact my office at 732/899-0920 or if you would like a copy of my article and other great information relating to your physical well being go to http://www.therapeutictouchnj.com and shop online for yours. Until next time, keep moving!


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