Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Are YOU Three Feet from Gold?

This is a great book from the folks over at the Napoleon Hill Foundation that I recently had the pleasure to read. The book is a story of a young business man who struggles to be successful and after a series of fateful challenges, he learns how to turn his obstacles into opportunities.

Last week, while walking along the beach looking for sea glass and other treasures, I started thinking about how many people had already sorted and scoured these exact sands for the same treasures and I started thinking about a story from this book.

The story goes that a gentleman, RJ Darby who knew nothing about mining gold but like other's during the gold rush got the fever and set out to make their fortune.  Along with his uncle, they began the hard toil each day of working their mine and on one glorious day they were rewarded by striking gold. For several weeks they continued to mine gold by the load and then one day the gold disappeared. As debts were mounting and the frustration of no new gold finds, RJ and his uncle decided to quit and sell the mine.

Dejected and discouraged, they sold the mine and equipment to a local junkman. Now this junkman had dreamed of being in the mining business for years and had studied mining for years and believed it was his destiny to be in the business. Once the deal was completed, the junkman contacted a mining engineer to inspect the the mine and together they discovered what is know as a fault line. The engineer explained that gold ran in long veins and that the previous owners had drilled through one side of a vein to the other side.  They decided that the junkman should go back and drill in other direction or perpendicular to where Darby and his uncle had drilled.

As the story goes...the junkman did exactly that and struck one of the largest pockets of gold ever discovered and made millions and it was just three feet from where Darby what's the moral to the the story you ask? Well...Never, ever quit!

The next time you run up against an obstacle that frustrates you, makes you want to give up or pass it off to someone else...just remember to dig in alittle deeper and think about what opportunities that might lie ahead for you, if you just push through or dig alittle deeper...Gold could be just three feet away from you.


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